We are Thankful for our Clients (Client Testimonial)

I would like to state, that nobody in most cases likes to have an attorney intervene to help your cause because that usually means that you’re in trouble or need some assistance in recovering something that someone has taken away from you.  I can say without pause that hasn’t been the case from day one with regard to working with The Carroll Law Firm.  The night we first met Jim Carroll in his Anthem offices I knew I had found the one firm that would help in not just legal matters, but the confidence he instilled in us that he would not give up until some degree of justice was served through his and his associates hard work and unbelievable dedication.  Jim felt like an old friend after just a short time of working with his firm.  I immediately the next morning cancelled the other two firms I had scheduled consultation meetings.  We had already met and spoken with others, but none gave us the feeling that we would be represented in the most aggressive and professional way more than The Carroll Firm.  In our particular case, it is unbelievably complex and we must remain patient in our quest for justice, but there hasn’t been one day since that first meeting that we haven’t felt anything but thankful for having hired this great law firm.  t is comforting to know that Jim Carroll has expertise in various specialties in resolving legal matters. I would recommend anyone needing legal assistance to consider sitting down with The Carroll Law Firm and seeing what they can do to help your situation.  One more thing that I don’t even think Jim knows about, was that after our first meeting at the bankruptcy trustee’s hearing, many of the people that I had personally persuaded to consider having The Carroll Firm represent us, came up to me and thanked me profusely for hiring him.  Now I’m not positive of the number of people he’s representing in our case, but I’m pretty sure it may be about forty at this time, and I have yet to hear of any unsatisfied clients.  In my life I very seldom recommend anyone for anything unless I’m certain that that person is the one to get the job done and to get it done right, but I don’t hesitate in the case of The Carroll Law Firm to give them both thumbs up, way up.  Thanks for everything you’ve done to this point and in the future in helping us.

– Timothy Thomas Millette, Sun City, Arizona


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