The Carroll Law Firm Donates Proceeds to Charity

The Carroll Law Firm, PLC, committed to donating 10% of all proceeds from wills and other estate planning documents to Hope 4 Kids International this past holiday season. We are pleased to announce that while our attorneys provide services in a variety of areas of law, during this season we prepared several estate planning documents, and have raised $100 for the charity! Hope 4 Kids International is a charity committed to serving impoverished children across the world by leading teams on mission trips, equipped with essential medical and dental supplies and other provisions. Hope 4 Kids strives to bring hope and necessary care to kids through dignity, health, joy and love. Thanks to your help, our donation represents enough money to provide 100 girls with new dresses, provide several classrooms in Africa with desperately needed school supplies, offer three single mothers with business training education, or provide three mattresses to children currently sleeping on the ground at night. The Carroll Law Firm, PLC is excited at the opportunity to help these people improve their lives.

If you’d like to have The Carroll Law Firm, PLC provide protection of your assets, call us today and ask about our popular estate planning documents. Also, see how you can get involved with Hope 4 Kids, International by visiting this site:


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