Resolution: Be Prepared

In today’s world, what age is considered “elderly’?  A person’s real age continues to climb as people live longer, life styles have more options, and new opportunities for both work and recreation come along.  The stereotype of the elderly with white hair, staying at home, becoming easily confused, and having trouble getting around may not fit any more.  However, regardless of age, anyone can become sick, be injured, or die unexpectedly.

This raises the question of what a person –of any age-needs to do to prepare for these possible events?  We should be asking ourselves what legal documents are necessary.  Do I need to have a lawyer to prepare these documents or can I do it myself?  With a slow economy, what are the costs for doing all of this?  Can a document really protect my assets?  And what is all of this talk about Long Term Care?

We make New Year’s resolutions to exercise more or to make better food choices.  We decide to get our house “in order” physically, but what about getting our life in order for our future and that of our family. This year make your resolution to have the proper documents prepared to protect yourself, your assets, and your loved ones.  This means that you will want to learn the difference between a will and a trust.  Plus while you are mentally competent, you will want to state your instructions for the way you want your estate to be handled-not the courts!  Also you do need to think about appointing someone to have Power of Attorney for both your health care and your financial decisions.

The Carroll Law Firm is skilled in helping people plan for their future.  Thinking about all of the things that are really important in your life, what is more crucial than taking the time to plan for your wishes to be put into legal binding documents?  Taking care of your body and becoming fit this year is a good goal; but an even better one is to make an appointment now to discuss with a professional your options for planning for your future not only for yourself but for your family.  This can ensure you a Happy New Year and happy years to come.


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