Anthem’s Journey

Every town begins with someone’s vision of “what might be.”  5,853 acres, nearly 10 square miles, of desert foothills just north of Carefree on I-17 and about 34 miles north of downtown Phoenix is where this vision became a reality.  Del Webb designed a planned community which opened with 26 model homes in March of 1999.

This town has continued to be a work in progress.  The original plan was to be completed in 2007 with 12,000 homes having been built.  Plus one of the great things about the plan was that 36% of the community was to be preserved as open space.  The population has grown to 8,655 which includes a mix of families, retirees, and empty nesters that represent diverse cultures.
During the first eleven years, Anthem has seen the addition of new schools including its own Boulder Creek High School which was built in 2004 on 55 acres and now has 2300 students plus a beautiful Performing Arts Theatre which serves the student body as well as the community; retail outlets that include the Outlet Mall where a number of new stores have been added since its conception, medical offices,  business parks, restaurants, churches representing 14 different religious groups, and a vital community center offering numerous classes, meeting  places, and special events like Saturday Night Fevers. Residents say they love living here because all these additions have helped to provide a feeling of closeness and being able to be connected to one another.

In the last few years, Anthem has seen its share of a depressed economy that has resulted in the loss of jobs and housing short sales and foreclosures.  But the remarkable result has been a community that has chosen to become even closer by looking to its future with hope and renewed visions.

Growth does not always have to mean that something becomes larger. It can mean that something becomes better.  So it is with Anthem.  The Phoenix Magazine described Anthem as one of the best places to live in Arizona, and in 2003 Parenting Magazine said it was the best place to raise a family.  I would venture to say that those who live in Anthem today and who have seen the many changes that have taken place would agree that it is still that place that was envisioned earlier-only greater.  The Carroll Law Firm is proud to be a part of this remarkable community and to help build a prosperous future for its fine citizens.


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