Arizona Traffic Violations: Do you need an attorney?

Have you ever received a traffic ticket or citation? Were you driving on a suspended license, making an illegal u turn, failing to yield, running a red light, or speeding in a school zone? Many have done those things and think that it is no big deal. Because most of these violations a can be cleared up by paying fines or attending defensive driving or traffic school, most people simply don’t even consider hiring an attorney.

Often times (and especially for some of the more common driving offenses) the legal process is straightforward and streamlined enough to the point where you can proceed alone safely. However, for repeat offenses, multiple “minor” offenses, and for some of the more serious traffic violation charges, issues begin to crop up which most people don’t even consider, such as whether paying a fine or fee by mail, online or phone will be considered an admission of guilt, or how the accumulation of points on your driving license will effect your driving privileges. In these situations, consulting a knowledgeable traffic attorney will at least put you on notice regarding what concerns you should or should not have.

Also there are driving violations which result in criminal penalties. For example, reckless driving is considered to be a misdemeanor; but a DUI or failure to stop when an officer commands you to pull over can be a felony. Criminal citations result in higher monetary penalties; they threaten driver’s license suspension; you can spend a day or more in court, and the outcome could possibly include jail time.

Remember that though traffic citations are common, there are those that have much stricter consequences. When a court appearance is necessary, having an attorney represent you is essential. An attorney can work to dismiss your ticket, assist you in getting back your suspended license, petition to gain a hardship license, help to reduce your overall point total, save you time and your record, and work to have the courts reduce large fines or help to create a payment plan.

Before getting behind the wheel, you need to know the “rules of the road.”   Nevertheless, if you receive a traffic citation that requires your case to be heard in traffic court, hiring an attorney to represent you increases your chance for a more favorable outcome. The Carroll Law Firm is here to answer your questions and to assist you in finding the best way to handle your traffic violations.


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