Haboob, 2011

Photo Credit to Chrisopher Harrison

This past Monday evening, a second mile-high dust storm, referred to as a “haboob”, reached the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Although these dust storms are common in the desert climate and only occur for an average of ten minutes, these powerful storms are able to reduce visibility to almost nothing.  The advancing wall of dust and debris is short lived, however the effects of the storm leave communities such as Anthem covered in the transported dust.  Not only are people shocked by the amount of dirt left behind by the storm, they are also surprised by the powerful image of the advancing storm.

If caught in a haboob while driving, pull over the car and turn off all lights, assuring that the bright lights of other vehicles do not prevent others from noticing your own car.  Also be sure to stay as far away from the storm as possible. If unable to pull over, travel at a speed suitable for visibility while sounding your horn on a regular basis in order to warn other travelers of your proximity.  Such large dust storms are common throughout the dry summers of Arizona, and the Carroll Law Firm wants to assure the safety of all Arizona residents throughout Arizona’s astounding weather.


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