Why You May Wish to Change or Update your Estate Planning Documents

At the Carroll Law Firm, we help clients plan their estate by preparing documents including Simple Wills, Durable General Powers of Attorney (AKA Business Powers of Attorney), Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Beneficiary Deeds and even Trusts.

Every time you move to a new state, you should prepare a new will. Each state has different laws for probating an estate, and if you do not have a new will prepared, you could leave your beneficiaries liable for problems that you could have helped them avoid such as inheritance taxes, real estate complications and more. The only way to ensure that your true wishes will be carried out upon death is to have a will prepared in accordance with state laws of your primary residence.

In addition to a new will, you also should make sure your Trust adheres to local laws. If you already have a trust, an attorney can prepare an amendment to that trust to make sure that the trust is interpreted according to Arizona law.A beneficiary deed is a great way to leave real estate to loved ones upon death without having to go through probate. A beneficiary deed should be executed in the state where the property is located. This document, once recorded, allows a person’s interest in a property to pass to his or her heirs automatically upon death. This deed is a simpler solution than having to wait the required time period to probate the estate.

Living Wills and Powers of Attorney documents are valid in any state, and most hospitals will require a Living Will and sometimes even a Healthcare Power o f Attorney prior to any major surgery.

Even if you have not changed your state of residence, you should review these documents every year to make sure that the written document still accurately represents your intentions. If you have any questions about any of these documents, the Carroll Law Firm offers free estate planning consultations, as well as the lowest rates around for preparation of these documents. Call today to set up your free consultation at (623)551-9366!


One Comment to “Why You May Wish to Change or Update your Estate Planning Documents”

  1. Executing a will or any probate document is a good way to protect the interest of your loved ones over your estate.

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