Sheriff Joe Arpaio Addresses an Anthem Political Group

Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Anthem on April 17 to speak at the local tea party meeting.

The sheriff said that, before he was sheriff, he did not understand the importance of a sheriff that answers only to the people (that is the voters). Before gaining this perspective about 20 years ago he said that a sheriff should be appointed. He now proclaims that his former opinion was wrong, and that the people are better served by an elected sheriff.

The sheriff claims that if he had been appointed by one person, he would have been fired long ago, because he would not be free to do what he thinks is right. His position is that, as an elected official, he can investigate allegations of corruption without fear of getting fired because of politics.

Sheriff Arpaio noted that he has been sued many times, and that he does not fear lawsuits or bad press. He believes that some politicians sue him just to get the attention of the press. He claims that the $31 million paid out in lawsuits over 20 years is not a big number compared with the amounts that other departments have paid, and compared with the overall budget and work that his office does.

During his remarks the sheriff shared some of the stories of his youth, and one of his secrets to his youthful looks (he was born in 1932 and says you can do the math). The full room of tea party supporters enjoyed and applauded Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


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