Starting a New Business? Now’s the Time!

During the summer, many Anthem residents travel in order to beat the heat and enjoy time off while their children are home from school. This coming week marks the end of summer vacation for many Anthem families. The first day of school for Deer Valley Unified School District’s 2013-2014 school year officially begins on August 12, 2013. With the new school year beginning and summer vacation coming to an end, families are returning to town, and Anthem is bustling.

Now that families are back in town, and snow birds are soon to follow with the summer heat calming down, it may be the perfect time to start a new business. If you have been considering setting up a new business, the attorneys at The Carroll Law Firm can help. When setting up a new business, you should always consider forming a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or other entity in order to shield yourself from potential personal liability claims. Though nobody expects to have a personal claim, taking the time to set up a company properly can protect you from the “what-ifs.” There also may be tax benefits and intellectual property benefits to forming a new entity now instead of waiting until later. The Carroll Law Firm attorneys are experienced with LLC, non-profit, and corporation formation and the benefits of each type of business.

Our attorneys will sit down with you to discuss your type of business and compare which type of entity may be the best for you. The attorneys will handle the formation, filing and publication process in a quick and efficient manner. If you are planning to start a new business, schedule a consultation with The Carroll Law Firm today.


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