Hiring an Attorney for Traffic Violations

Depending on the severity of a traffic violation, it can be wise to consult with an attorney regarding the violation so that you can have a better understanding of your case and your violation and representation in court. Violations range from local to federal level statutes and minor infractions in terms of these violations can cost you from around $100 to $200 and a few points on your driving record. In instances like these, it may not be worth it to spend the money for an attorney.

However, in instances of major and criminal infractions, hiring an attorney is well worth it when your license may be revoked and an extended period of time without being able to drive could cost you more. These types of violations include parking violations along with moving violations such as speeding, driving under the influence, and cell phone use. Attorneys representing clients under such circumstances can help prepare you to answer cross examination questions you will face in court on criminal traffic violations, and can enable you to receive a lighter sentence through various means that one probably would not accomplish on his or her own. Though there are never guarantees in the outcome of a criminal matter, attorneys at the Carroll Law firm can represent you in circumstances like these and often can save you points on your driving record, the cost of having a revoked license, and even jail time in some circumstances.

We wish everyone safety in the car and encourage you to not text and drive for your sake and everyone else on the road. If you do need an attorney for a traffic violation, however, please call (623)551-9366 to set up a consultation with the attorneys at The Carroll Law Firm.


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