Business Law

The Carroll Law Firm PLC knows that Small Businesses are integral to the Anthem Community, and would love to assist local business owners with any of their legal needs. Our attorneys are able to assistant clients in all aspects of business law, whether it be a new business, an existing business, or closing down a business. The attorneys at The Carroll Law Firm PLC are always happy to meet our neighbors, so please stop in for a consultation today! There are certain documents that every business owner should have to ensure the best coverage for liabilities and to minimize internal disputes in the company.

For new businesses, the attorneys at The Carroll Law Firm PLC may assist clients in selecting which business structure is most suitable for the client’s needs, whether it be a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, General Partnership, LLP, S-Corporation, or Corporation. The Carroll Law Firm attorneys may also help clients prepare the Articles of Incorporation for the business, and draft or negotiate any other necessary formation documents. Our attorneys will offer advice as to the best option in order to maximize your profits, minimize your liabilities, and protect your assets. The Carroll Law Firm PLC can also assist business owners who wish to protect their name and trademarks (See Patent Law).

For existing businesses, The Carroll Law Firm PLC will help clients with contractual or transactional disputes, assist in purchasing other businesses and negotiating business deals or mergers, and offer advice on any compliance laws or employer/employee disputes. There are a variety of different matters that could come about in the course of a business, so please feel free to call with any legal questions and our lawyers will do their best to assist you with any legal issues.

The Carroll Law Firm PLC can also help with the closing of a business by drafting buy-sell agreements, assisting in restructuring, and/or filing for bankruptcy if necessary.

Additionally, The Carroll Law Firm PLC offers document review, for any individual or business. Our attorneys can offer advice and can help draft, review, and negotiate documents such as Articles of Incorporation, employment contracts, and commercial or residential leases.


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